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DNI Dennis Blair Gives Testimony

dennis-blairYesterday, the Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, gave his testimony on the Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community in front the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

The first topic Blair addressed was the impact of the cyber threat. For an in depth report on his Blair’s comments on cyber security, check out Thenewnewinternet’s report here:


He continued on to discuss the changing threat to the global economy, and stated that this upcoming year will most likely be an economic policy transition year. He mentioned globalization challenges and global energy security challenges.

As far as terrorist threats to homeland, the threat from the Al-Qa’ida Core was a key topic. He told the Senate Committee what another homeland attack would look like from this terrorist group and what it will take to stop them.

Other topics included the growing proliferation threat, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, the mixed outlook in the Middle East, China’s continual transformation, Russia, Latin America, Africa, Mass Killings, Potential Flashpoints in Eurasia and Balkans, and Regional Impacts of Climate Change.

The last few topics that were addressed were Strategic Health Challenges, Threats and Significant State and Non-State Intelligence Threats, and the Growing Threat from International Organization Crime.

In conclusion, Blair states, “Despite the myriad uncertainties and continuing challenges, the economic and political picture we are facing today could have been far worse if the economic free fall has not been stopped.”

To see the report in detail, you can view it here: http://www.dni.gov/testimonies/20100202_testimony.pdf

Or to watch the testimony click here: http://www.dni.gov/

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