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EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Announces Great Lakes Plan

epa-lisa-jackson1Last Sunday, Lisa Jackson, the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, revealed a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

The plan includes a detailed description of all of the biggest threats facing the area, as well as lays out the goals and actions for restoration.

According to an EPA press release, Lisa Jackson says, “We have an historic opportunity to restore and protect these waters. This action plan outlines our strategy to protect the environmental, human health, and economic interests of the millions of people who rely on the Great Lakes.”

President Obama has made the restoration of the Great Lakes a priority because it is a natural, as well as economic treasure. The Great Lakes provide drinking water for about 30 million Americans as well as help support an economy from the recreational activities, boating, and fishing.

The action plan has five focus areas, which include the following:

1) Protection and cleanup of the most polluted areas in the lakes

2) Combating invasive species

3) Protection of high priority watershed and reduced runoff from urban, suburban and, agricultural sources

4) Restoration of wetlands and other habitats

5) Implementation of accountability measures, learning initiatives, outreach and strategic partnerships

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