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EPA Website is New Model for Transparency

144442615_8738214802The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a new website that could be a transparency model for other agencies. The website was launched last week. It will be used to give the public new avenues to partake in t he rulemaking process.

The site is actually called Rulemaking Gateway. The public can access this site to look at a variety of different EPA rules in categories such as environmental justice, and children’s health. The site will be updated as new information comes out.

The EPA also had a forum for the website that will be open until July 16th. They are accepting feedback on the website and will take into account the different discussions.

According to a NextGov report, Matthew Madia of a OMB Watch government transparency group, when speaking of the website that is tightly tied with regulations.gov, he said, “This could be a good model. I think the rulemaking gateway is all about transparency and participation.”

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