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Evolving Open Government Dashboard

aneesh-chopra-on-ix-at-h20-san-fran-oct-2009-reziedAneesh Chopra, Federal CTO, posted to the White House Blog this morning about evolving the Open Government Dashboard. He mentioned that Vivek Kundra and himself are unveiling what they call “Version 1.0 of the Open Government Dashboard.”

This Dashboard is being launched just after 60 days and will focus on the agencies themselves and how they are responding with their deliverables. Now each and every American can watch the progress of each agency and see how they are keeping up with their deadlines.

Chopra mentions the public should look at for the phrase “Evaluating our Progress” to keep up with each agency. He also reminded us to take note of the next deadline – April 7th. It will be the time to evaluate each of the agencies Open Government Plans because they will have to have them completed by this date.

Furthermore, Chopra said, “After agencies have successfully delivered on the demanding deadlines set out for the first 120 days, Version 2.0 of the Dashboard “can deploy a more holistic set of metrics, informed by agency Plans.  Identifying the right set of metrics will help steer agencies toward high-impact efforts in the years to come.”

Chopra and his team are eager for feedback and thoughts in the coming weeks and months.

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