Flaws Found in Recovery Act Spending Records

stimulus-moneyAccording to the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, more than 12% of reports of Recovery Act spending required corrections. The RAT Board also stated that of the 160,000 reports, there were about 19,000 that had mistakes.

These errors occur because the reporting process is rather complicated. It involved more than 90 different elements and many times the job totals are overstated. The most common mistake was the number of jobs that were created by the various stimulus projects.

Usually the recipients of stimulus dollars only have 20 days to correct any mistakes in the reports. However, now there is a new policy in place, which allows recipients to correct mistakes electronically at any time on FederalReporting.gov.

Recipients are making an overwhelming number of corrections to the reports. The Department of Transportation made the most number of changes. The Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Housing and Urban Development departments had the next highest number of changes.

The state that received the highest amount of stimulus dollars also had the most changes to their reports: California. New York was the most accurate state. The data will be continually updated to the most accurate information every two weeks until March 17th, 2010.

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