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Harry Reid Moves GSA Nominee Towards Approval

harry-reid-2Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nv) has filed cloture on the nomination of Martha Johnson to be the administrator of GSA. It has been nine months since Martha Johnson was first nominated to be the head of GSA back in April 2009. Now her name is finally set to reach the Senate floor.

The long wait has been the result of  a hold put on her nomination by Senator Kit Bond (R-M0). Kit’s hold was put into place to put pressure on the proposed federal building in Kansas City, MO.

Johnson was the former chief of staff at GSA. There has not been a date set for a vote, but once it is set, she will be expecting confirmation shortly after.

According to GovExec, Joel Payne, a spokesman for the majority leader, “Senator Reid feels it’s important to confirm the president’s nominees as quickly as possible in order for him to have a full team in place to address our nation’s challenges.”

Reid’s move of Johnson’s nomination was followed by quick approval of Senator Lieberman and Susan Collins – indicating a coming end to the lengthy process.

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