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OMB Zients is “Doing What Works”

Zeints HorYesterday morning, February 18th, the Center for American Progress launched a new project called “Doing What Works.” At the announcement there was an address by Jeffrey Zients, Obama’s Chief Performance Officer.

In his address, Zients mentioned that the Office of Management and Budget is going to launch a new and improved USAspending.gov. It is one way the government plans to ‘do what works’ and to give the American public the best bang for their buck.

This new website will be called “version 2.0.” Some of the highlights of this updated website are that it will allow users to search more accurate, up-to-date data that will be easy to search by state, congressional district, as well as contract size or type. The accuracy is due to the fact that each agency will be responsible for incorporating data quality checks into their own reviews.

The new Performance Dashboard is expected to launch this summer. This site will be linked with the IT Dashboard, which will help better manage the spending on various projects. Hopefully “Doing What Works” will benefit the mission of the agency, and accordingly, taxpayer’s dollars.

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