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Open Government Ball Rolls On

1-thewhitehousYesterday, we reported there are growing concerns that the open government directive may face some challenges. There are agencies that have not yet launched transparency pages, and there are concerns about agencies putting ideas into action.

However, it remains clear that the initiative is still moving forward.  One way this is happening is through the spread of dashboards.

The dashboard has been a useful way for agencies to watch the progress of different projects, as well as find any problems or delays. Agencies are continuing to develop new dashboards, as well as push individual personnel to engage in different means of social media.

According to NextGov, Dave McClure, the associate administrator at GSA’s Office of Citizen Services, believes having an effective dialogue is all about engaging in a two-way conversation, and this is why there are about 500 moderators.

McClure also mentioned some agencies that have done a noteworthy job of pushing transparency, such as the Health and Human Services Department with its staff’s blogging efforts. Additionally, he noted the Department of Education and the Department of the Interior and applauded their transparency efforts as well.

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