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Recovery Act Announcement Calls for Celebration in VA

Internet_Network_Small.32295336_stdToday Aneesh Chopra, Federal CTO, along with Senator Mark Warner, Senator Jim Webb, and Representative Tom Perriello made a milestone Recovery Act Announcement for Virginia – $21.5 million is being poured into expanding broadband access in Virginia.

The goal of this Commerce Department decision is to improve economic development in parts of rural Virginia. It will also boost education, such as the introduction to concepts such as distance learning, in more remote areas of the state.

The stimulus dollars will create jobs by the actual work of putting in the fibers and high speed Internet, but also by creating opportunities for future growth by allowing schools and business and homes have access to broadband.

The $21.5 million is composed of two different grants. One of the grants is $16 million awarded to the Mid-Atlanta Broadband Cooperative that will be an expansion of the existing broadband network in southern Virginia. Also, Virginia Tech Foundation Inc. received a $5.5 million grant.

Chopra stated that this is a celebration for those in Virginia. There is much long-term growth to be expected from this announcement.

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