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VA Department Plays Red Light, Green Light with IT Projects

traffic-lights-415x275The Department of Veterans Affairs recently introduced a test website. This website details the status of various IT projects from the federal IT Dashboard website.

According to Roger Baker, the VA CIO, the website, called the “Veterans Affairs IT Product Delivery Dashboard” first went live about a month ago. However, it has not been publicized yet.

According to NextGov reports, Baker said, “I am more focused on PMAS than the Website, I will admit.” PMAS is the Project Management Accountability System.

The system uses a traffic-light format of showing the progress of certain IT projects. For example, a red light means behind schedule.

This new system will also help determine which projects need to be cut or ended that are not on track to be finished in a timely manner.

The website will be updated from a PDF display to a more user-friendly format in the next few months. This new systems seems to be doing its job; as a result of the new tracking system, the VA has already cut funding for 15 different projects.

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