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Where’s the Budget Crunch?

money-crunch-image1-300x217President Obama’s 2011 budget is expected to have more than $20 in savings through cuts from various federal programs – 120 to be exact.  So where are the program cuts?

In the proposal, the Defense Department, the Veterans Affairs Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Education Department will each receive budget increases. Other departments, such as the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Energy, and the Interior Department will see several programs terminated.

The programs that have been terminated are said to be useless, duplicated programs, or otherwise a wasteful use of taxpayer dollars. The three goals or priorities of the new budge are as follows: 1) job creation 2) middle class stability and 3) fiscal sustainability.

The cuts are not final until Congress enacts the proposal, and White House officials are expected it will not be easy to get them enacted. According to GovExec report, Dan Pfeiffer, the White house Communications Director, said, “We don’t think wasteful programs should continue to exist just because they have a strong lobby on the Hill or on K Street.”

For a list of the program cuts broken down by agency see GovExec’s report here:


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