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Army Impersonators Scam Women on Dating, Social-Networking Sites

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Editor’s Note:

If you feel you have been the victim of a cyber scam or crime, you can file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Click here to file a complaint.

Click here to read frequently asked questions about filing a complaint with the IC3.


The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command has received frequent reports of scams involving individuals pretending to be U.S. soldiers, who get romantically involved on the Internet with female victims and then steal their money.

“We are seeing a number of scams being perpetrated on the Internet, especially on social, dating-type websites where females are the main target,” said Chris Grey, Army CID’s spokesman.

The fraudsters are pretending to be U.S. servicemen, often serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. They will often take the true rank and name of a soldier and then combine that with photographs of a soldier found on the Internet to build a false identity to lure victims.

The scams often involve requests for money from the victim to purchase laptops, international phones and transportation fees to be used by the “deployed soldier,” so their fictitious relationship can continue. Victims of these scams have been duped to send money, often thousands of dollars at a time, to a third-party address so the phone or laptop can be purchased for the soldier.

“We’ve even seen instances where the perpetrators are asking the victims for money to ‘purchase leave papers’ from the Army, or help pay for their flight home so they can leave the war zone,” Grey said.

Army CID is warning people to be very suspicious if they begin an online relationship with someone claiming to be an American soldier who within a matter of weeks is asking for money or marriage. Many of these cases have a distinct pattern to them, explained Grey.

“These are not soldiers, they are thieves,” he said.

The perpetrators often tell the victims that their units do not have telephones or they are not allowed to make calls or they need money to “help keep the Army Internet running.”

“We’ve even seen where the crooks said that the Army won’t allow the soldier to access their personal bank accounts or credit cards,” Grey said.

All lies, according to CID officials.

“These perpetrators, often from other countries, most notably from Ghana, Angola and Nigeria, are good at what they do and quite familiar with American culture, but the claims about the Army and its regulations are ridiculous,” Grey said.

To date, there have been no reports to Army CID indicating any U.S. service members have suffered any financial loss as a result of these scams. Photographs and actual names of service members have been the only thing used. On the contrary, the victims have lost thousands.

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  1. After doing some research on a man I have been talking to, it brought me to this site and I too have been taking to a scammer I believe. I dont think he liked me, as I asked to many questions right off the bat and he got nervous and signed off line. I want women to be aware of one Capt. Tom Swain Dockery, he is very poetic in him emails and when you chat with him, he doesnt know how to put words together and have a real conversation, which lead me to believe he is not who he says he is. I met him on a dating site and was wondering if I should notify them. What should I do, does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. I met Thomas Swain Dockery on a social web site he pretended to be interested in me so we talked for about 2 months. He was extremely polite, sending me poems and emails daily. One day he told me he was deeply in love with me and couldn’t bare the distance between us eventually, he ask me if I would write a letter to Ltg. Charles Jacoby to have him release from camp victory. I wrote the letter and in a couple of days got a response when I read it I a red flag immediately hit me it asked for money. I did a search and found out that he was lying about who he’s suppose to be infact Thomas S. Dockery is a 77 yr old man. He’s stealing someone identity online thats a crime. He obviously has no shame I can’t believe I fell for his game. I feel much better that I found this web page we must warn other to be careful. He is very cunning and manipulative, He didn’t get a penny off me but he did waste my precious time, a lesson to be learn never talk to strangers.

  3. I am now talking to a gentleman whom i believe is the same man that im reading about here,Thomas Dockery but he’s not using that name with me.He wants me to send him $ to come to me and marry me. He is a very smooth talker and believable. I have fallen in love with this man but another lady he was scamming found his picture on facebook with a different name. She seen that he has me listed as being in a relationship with him so she contacted me.He doesnt know about this because i want to know if this is him and if so i want to stop him asap.I’m not sure what to do about this or how to find out for sure if i’m also being scammed so please help me so i know what to do.I’m suppose to be sending him $ very soon. If this is the same man please work with me to stop him. I really wish that it wasnt but the pictures are all the same man.Lets stop this man from taking advantage of another women. He has broken my heart and it’s gonna be hard to trust another man after this. Please get in touch with me asap. Thank You and i really hope to put a stop to him and find out who he is and where he is.

  4. Does anybody have a name or phone # or an address to find someone to help me catch this man? He is now using another name on these dates sites from all over.Please help me stop this man asap.

  5. I am trying to find someone who i can write,call or email to help me find out who this man is that is using the name Thomas S Dockery so we can put a stop to him. He is now using yet another name Louis MaMohn and is on alot of different dating sites and getting women for alot of $.Please somebody get me a name and phone # or email address to contact someone for help to stop this man asap. There are alot of women being used and getting their hearts broken by this man and others like him. What can i do to stop these scammers???

  6. I have a question, i have also met a man online and i received his address and actually sent him a care package to iraq. He also feel in love and is retiring soon and wants to be together! He actually asked me to purchase a satellite phone from a susan tucker. Does anyone know who she is ? She has an aol email address! She has asked me to srnd via westetn union because she doesnt take credit cards for purchase! I have not done it becausr i am leary and i have informed the soldier! He told me if i dont feel comgortable not to do it and hadnt raised question again! It hard to know whats a scam and whats not! Thanks K any suggestions? He toldme he doesnt have access yo his money because it goes directly into retirement accounts! Do they have access to phones and their bank accounts?

  7. Hello
    You need to be careful of a Edward Moore, he claims to be a US sargeant serving in Iraq. He approached me on a UK dating site, we talked on MSN but I thought his english was strange, and he was vague about some things very american, he was very good at saying what I wanted to her. He asked me to send him a phone so he could call me, imediately my initial reservations were confirmed, I went alone with it for another day and he sent me an address in ghana to send the package too, with some rubbish story a diplomat would them send it to him. I wasn’t scammed and have not sent him anything but he was very good and convincing, the photos were also very appealing, and obvously identity theft, the soldiers uniform even had Edwards wriiten on it that I would see, one mistake be make was saying his first name was Edward when it was obviously the person on the photos surname.

  8. Hello,
    I am a mexican woman and I was almost scammed by a man who said to be a general in the USA army, he said his name is Major General Gary S. Patton and sent some photos of a man who, I researched, is in fact a general serving for the NATO training in Afghanistan. I even wasn’t looking for a relationship, he contacted to me via Skype, I told him I was a happily married woman and he agreed to be just a friend but, believe me, the ones who had passed through this will understand. With his kindness, his constant attention, and his sweet words, he stole my heart. He said that he adopted a son several years ago in a rescue mission in Sudan and he was schooling in Africa. Three days ago, he asked me to send 1000 GBP to Accra, Ghana for his son maintenance, he asured the army doesn’t allow the soldiers to use banks there. Of course I did not send any money and the sweet words and his constant emails, disappeard. I did not send any money, but I almost do something worst: end with a good eight years marriage.
    I would like to do something to catch this criminal, and women of the world, please be very careful.

  9. i too was contacted on face book by a man who is supposedly a major in the army stationed in anchorage alaska who is on a mission in nigeria. he told me that his name was major beatty moore. when i questioned the uniform he was wearing on his profile not being an army uniform he told me that it was a german police uniform when he was stationed in germany. so i kept on asking him about his name and he asked me if i wanted to see more pictures of him so he sent me pictures of one with a dress green, him and his 2 kids mario and alex who is living with thier grandma in holland, a picture of his troop and his colleagues when they got to nigeria. i am a very trusting person so i didn’t think much of it but i did tell him that i was not dating or looking to date because i am married but i could only offer a friendship. well after a few days of chatting he was telling me that he could not stop thinking about me and asking me what i did to him because he can;t stop thinking about me and that his priest told him that he was going to meet his soul mate in a different way and that everything about me he likes and could see being married to in the future. well i am not playing into the love thing and keep on telling him that we need to meet so he keeps asking me what else i want to know. anyhow he told me that he will be back in anchorage on the 26th of february and i told him that we could meet then. my ex works at the army station here in anchorage and i asked him to look up major beatty moore and he did he even tried it in different ways but since his uniform name tag shows as beatty that is the last name we searched for and nothing comes up. i also did a research online to see if there is anything about him and i can’;t find anything except for one woman who is asking for information about him. i contacted her and she replied a couple of times and her story sounds the same as mine and i am still waiting to hear more from her. she asked me if he has asked me for money and he hasn;t so i was wondering if he has asked her for some although he has asked me for personal information like my mothers maiden name and all that so that was a red flag. well i have changed my information on facebook and now has it to where people cant access personal information about me. and i have noticed that his facebook account no longer exist. i am continuing to chat with him on yahoo to see what he would do next and not tell him what i know. i want to see where he is going to take this. he asked me to call him last night and i told him i couldn’t. if this guy would have played cool and taken his time and not be in so much of a hurry he might have gotten farther but the signs were all obvious less that one week and he is talking about being soul mates? a major in the army acting so weak and vulnerable when he should be commanding? not knowing things about anchorage where he is suppose to be stationed, and wow the accent is very heavy when i talked to him on the phone he sounded like an african but he told me that it was the holland accent. anyhow we will see if he just drops out now that he probably knows that i know and that is why he was trying to move fast. Ladies please be careful.. do not send money no matter what and with the internet being so full of information look and see what you can find out.

  10. COLONEL ROBERT HUGH, col susan croakly sent the forms i filled them out and sent them back,the vacation was approved,i am to pay 1000 when he comes i will get it back. anderson woods of London,united kingdom says to pay1000,address to send papers”vacation@us-armyatwar.com.i guess i have been scam.please let me know,i have printed everything.thankyou patricia jones

  11. Ebert Elofson, bertvanlof088@hotmail.com or ebert_elofson@yahoo.com

    aka Jonny Rellinger, Jonny Ebert

    Scammer now using the name Ebert Elofson on Facebook. Has 4 profiles in this name on FB as at now
    Utilising bertvanlof088@hotmail.com and ebert_elofson@yahoo.com.
    Still professing love, and asking for leave documents to be completed (personal details), and $1200 fee (fully refundable, of course)
    Claims to have 10yo daughter, Nessi, and 6 yo son, Lucas. Supplied pics of the kids, very convincing scammerArmy Leave scammer. Requests

  12. Hi I think am being scammed,has anyone been contacted by a Sgt Charles Bryant he says he is serving in Afghanistan and claims to be a U S serviceman who lives in the UK.

    not sure if he is for real but i have my doubts ! I would be grateful for any information

  13. Please send wornings and investigate this.
    Skype Name charles.jacoby707
    Full name Charles Jacoby
    Birth date Friday, May 18, 1956
    Age 54
    Gender Male
    Language English
    Location Federal way, Washington, United States

    Has a box of money with the Red Cross, [9:55:25 AM] Charles Jacoby: I’ve been on active duty for more than 35 years and have been on many missions and tasks abroad! Sometimes in missions abroad, it is normal to recover precious treasures and areas of conflict around the world.
    [9:56:24 AM] Charles Jacoby: In a routine patrol last weekend with team members connected to my headquarters in the Iraqi city of Taji, 20 miles north of Baghdad, I recovered a huge sum of money in dollars of an abandoned building ruined
    [9:57:28 AM] Charles Jacoby: I have the intention to retire from active duty after my current vacation in progress here in Iraq, the sum total of $3.5 Million US dollars in cash on a sealed metallic trunk box at the airport now there in UK with the red cross diplomat,, which requires that you get the total safe, holding in your hands
    [9:58:29 AM] Charles Jacoby: i wlll come to your country immdiately i receive my vacation so that we can sit and have coffee before back home to the US
    [10:00:34 AM] Charles Jacoby: i have paid the charges to the red cross diplomat before he left baghdad iraq
    [10:01:00 AM] Charles Jacoby: 42,000EUR
    [10:02:18 AM] Charles Jacoby: i want you to know that i am responsible man so you are take $1 Million US dollars from the money immediately you get it from the red cross diplomat
    [10:03:18 AM] Charles Jacoby: and keep the remain $2.5 Million US dollars for me, What do you think about investing in real estate?
    [10:04:03 AM] Teresa du Plessis (GREEFF): Sounds good will have too think about it
    [10:04:51 AM] Charles Jacoby: take note that you are only to send the shipment fee to the red cross diplomat immediately there in the UK so that he can deliver the box to you in your address in South Africa
    [10:06:41 AM] Charles Jacoby: the diplomat do not know the content of the box except only me and you so it as to be confidential between me and you
    [10:08:18 AM] Charles Jacoby: i want you to know that delay is very dangerous because the diplomat also have some other box to deliver to some other people in different countries so there is no time for that now
    [10:09:08 AM] Teresa du Plessis (GREEFF): Ok what must I do?
    [10:10:12 AM] Charles Jacoby: Contact the red cross diplomat there in the UK immediately, his name: Edward Dua
    [10:11:30 AM] Charles Jacoby: Email: edward.dua@hotmail.com
    [10:11:46 AM] Teresa du Plessis (GREEFF): Ok and then?
    [10:12:32 AM] Charles Jacoby: Telephone: +447024074689
    [10:13:28 AM] Charles Jacoby: let him know that you are calling or writing on behalf of Lt General Charles Jacoby in iraq
    [10:14:02 AM] Charles Jacoby: and also send your address of delivery to his email
    [10:14:13 AM] Charles Jacoby: as soon as possible
    [10:14:57 AM] Charles Jacoby: keep me updated
    [10:15:19 AM] Teresa du Plessis (GREEFF): Ok will do,
    [10:16:25 AM] Charles Jacoby: send him the shipment fee there in the UK immdiately so that he can deliver the box to you in your address in South Africa
    [10:17:57 AM] Teresa du Plessis (GREEFF): Ok will send today
    [10:18:07 AM] Charles Jacoby: ok
    [10:19:19 AM] Charles Jacoby: i have a meeting now with the iraqi police
    [10:19:35 AM] Charles Jacoby: so i have to go, see you later
    [10:19:59 AM] Charles Jacoby: and keep me updated
    [10:20:22 AM] Charles Jacoby: bye for now

  14. I am 65 yr. old woman in B.C. Canada, I also have been chatting with a u.s.a.soldier based in Iraq he too was very nice sent pictures also after talking on line and emailing for a little over a week , he also used the story of having his retirement package sent to me by a diplomat, he asked me to give the diplomat 1,500.00 for the delivery. I told I didnot have that kind of money on hand he asked me if I could get it and that there was money in the package that he didn’t want the diplomat to see,and I could open it after he left and take out the money I had spent and save the rest until he came “home” he was a smooth talker for sure. But only by the Grace of God I came to my senses. He went by the name Jeffery Repetto email repetto_j@hotmail.com I met him in a dating site called badoo, I would like to see this person caught. If there is any thing I can do to be of any help please contact me.

  15. Hi everyone, I was shocked to read all the comments on this site but really grateful that I did. I am now chatting with a guy, who calls himself Capt Brian Edwards (Brian Ralph Edwards) stationed in Afghanistan – been chatting for 3 weeks now, I too had my suspicion about him but never expected him to turn to be a fraud. He found me in connecting singles dating site. So far I have not been scammed, he has asked me to write a letter for his leave and I have not done so – luckily. He sent me his picture in uniform which also had EDWARDS written on it and when I downloaded his picture on an internet site, omigod! Boy was I in for a shock, the same picture sent to different woman with different names – I concluded that he is a scammer.

    He does not know that I know now but I am going to continue chatting with him and play him at his own game. Does anyone else has a better idea how to deal with this scumbag?

  16. I have a problem too concerning scam in Nigeria, I don’t know if it is scam or not but I got to know a us soldier and everything went well though, but for him to get over to me to Belgium, I have to pay leave request and flight, I don’t know if that is normal and would like to have reaction asap because I have to pay for ticket monday they say, he says he is a us soldier who served 2 years in Afghanistan and now is deployed to Nigeria?? Please help, because I am falling for him. I wont tell his name though, I don’t want anyone to find out yet. Is there anyone who knows a certain col Daniel w Mitch in charge of leave requests in ft lewis, washington, and did anyone ever hear about the e-mail from u.smtg@usa.com??? please help

  17. And he also told me he can’t get on his money because it goes directly to retirement account and he says he also has no access to his account, only receiving leave bonus after 2 weeks with me? And administration would call me then and he has to come on phone to make sure he is where we were saying he will be, with me? Does this sound familiar too? I really need some help quickly here before monday or I am affraid I will pay for ticket.

  18. Hallo Tania, its definitely a scam, please DO NOT pay anything, all army personnel has to apply for their own leave, NO third party can apply leave on their behalf furthermore, NO payment is required for leave by the Army. The email address you mentioned does NOT belong to US Army, usa.com is a free email account that anyone can get.

    He is a SCAMMER, sorry to disappoint you but you should get out of it immediately and DO NOT tell him that you know he is a scammer – just stop contacting him. My so called Capt is still leaving offline messages for me on Yahoo since I have blocked him – he is still wondering why I have not contacted him since a week now. If you need any help, let me know.

  19. Hi Chappy, thx for reply I would like to contact you in private but I don’t know how to do so.
    I feel very betrayed at the moment and it is actually very private.I think you know how I must feel now, I have been mailing and chatting with him for a long time already, I need your help, I do have pictures too and I want to know some more about everything. Believe me when I tell you, they know this sites too. they know about the sites. he has sended me the link even. I do want to tell you his name but not on this site, i don’t know where to begin to figure something out.

  20. Hi Tani

    Trust me, I know how you feel, I felt the same too but luckily for me I was not so deeply involved yet sometimes I still hope it was NOT a scam but that’s life – they always take woman for granted and toy with our feelings.

    You can contact me at chappy_2406@yahoo.com.sg

  21. Ladies……Please DO NOT fall for these scammers. Yes they are sweet talkers, they send poems, music, love email and then start asking for money, laptops and other devices. I almost fell for it myself. My scammer was Sgt. Fred Howard Smith based in Al Basrah, Iraq. He sent me pictures of a very handsome man. Said he was never married and no kids. No siblings and his mom lived with his drunk uncle. The first red flag was he winked at me on Match.com and when I winked back he sent his email address as sgt.fs64@yahoo.com to talk more with him. That same night I went back online to re-read his profile and there was no such person. I asked him where his profile went and he said since he found me he didnt want to talk to anyone else. 2nd red flag…he referred to his mother as mum. I looked up africa and that is what they call their mothers..MUM. When I asked him why he called her that he just said it was a typo. After 2 weeks he said he was in kove with me and wanted to know if I would be willing to send him a laptop of his own because he was using a friends. Well ladies the military provides ALL soldiers with computers, phones, and full access to their bank accounts. DONT FALL FOR IT! I was supposed to send this stuff to a man named Ret. Maj. Sgt. Michael Bino in Accra, Ghana. The he wanted me to send him via Western Union $850.00 to get it thru customs. Well I played his game…..I gave his a fake FedEx tracking # and delivery date. Kept asking questions about him as we continued to chat. One chat he started asking me very bizzare questions about my job that made no sense and he claimed it was because of job fatigue and very little sleep. Soon I told him that the post office said every soldier regaurdless of where they are based gets mail only thru APO or FPO. If they ask you to send any other way……your being scammed. BE CAREFUL. THESE SCAMMERS ARE GOOD AT WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH. I personally contacted the Army office and verified all my red flags that this was a scam. Go to church and find that good man or thru a friend.

  22. Hi Everyone

    Its seems that the scammers have moved from single woman to gay men, I was contacted a week ago by someone calling himself Aaron Kennedy a Sgt in the US military based in afghanistan. He said I had to contact his base to get permission to talk on the phone with him. This is the reply I got back, I have been conned b4 by someone else a different scam though – I think that these people are the worst people on earth, i should have googled the email address he asked me to send the request for phone call then i would have realised then it was a fake email – hey you live and learn i suppose.

    Internet in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Military satellite-20fr comm system gives you the ability to stay connected in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. THIS E-MAIL TRANSMISSION AND ANY DOCUMENT ACCOMPANYING IT MAY CONTAIN CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. The information transmitted is intended only for the use of the individual(s) named below. If you are not the intended recipient of the transmitted information, you are hereby notified that disclosing, copying, distributing, or taking action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please notify the sender and then delete the information.

    Notice: THIS EMAIL MAY CONTAIN PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION, PLEASE HANDLE ACCORDINGLY. Under the Privacy Act of 1974, you must safeguard personnel information. Disclosure of information is governed by Title 5, United States Code Section 552a Public Law 93-579, DoDD 5400.11, DoDR 5400.11-R and applicable serve directives.

    Dear Sir,
    Your Request application has been received to get activated and connected to SGT. AARON KENNEDY . The Military Sat-20fr communication specializes in providing global satellite access services. This is the phoning service through which you can communicate with your military friends and the families. Military Sat-20fr offers superior sound equipment for aircraft, audio, broadcast, communications, multimedia and wireless applications. We advise you to please provide us the Information’s below.

    -Your State and City of residence
    -Your Full Name
    -Your Phone Number & Service provider

    Once you provide us with the necessary information you are no longer anonymous to us (We) protect your privacy. We do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary All information collected will not be used for any illegal activity. For this service to be rendered to subscribers, subscription fee of ( $430 ) must be made payable and the payment has to be paid via Western union to the base financial agent address below.

    Name:Malanie Bowcutt
    Post code:84015
    Country:United States of America

    After we receive your payment numbers (MTCN) emailed to us then we can start our processing concerning the phone connection and activation here in Afghanistan. All payments must be made payable before 3 working days after you receive our email.

    We hope you enjoy our services,

    Brigadier General Robert J. Reese .

  23. Hi,
    I think I’ve been contacted by a scammer. A bit similar to denise’s story. The name he went by was lieutenant Adams Terry. He said that he was single, lost his parents a while ago and lives in Dublin although he got deployed on a special mission to Iraq. When asking to see other pictures apart from the one on the profile page of a dating site he says that his computer keeps freezing, low memory etc so he is unable to send one, but there’s no picture of him in a uniform. I stupidly sent this email regarding getting him leave as I started falling for him, but fortunately after being asked for $3000 for his leave I’m glad I researched online and started seeing red flags. He still has his profile on the dating website, am I allowed to post the site name? So far he thinks I have sent the money and says he will contact me once his commander has spoken to him. He also mentions similar things about being given a refund, not being able to access bank accounts etc. I just wondered did anyone get a united nations administrative policy sent to them?, this was what was sent following their response to saying that’s Adams Terry was allowed leave. I guess I don’t really need to ask but can someone confirm whether this is a scam, as there were no results on google for Adams Terry?

  24. Just to confirm I’ve sent no money

  25. I quote the following when I mentioned I had my doubts, this is what Admas Terry came back with: The message goes to people who are into dubious act in the name of soldiers. I mentioned how it says be wary of people who ask for large sums of money or ask for marriage etc. In spite of me saying this he still wants to stay in contact with me

  26. First is Maxwell (Member ID Number: 642234) – email address smithf471@hotmail.com
    Started chatting few days ago on Uniform Dating 1st then on messenger… Claims to be Staff Sergeant away on deployment in Dafur, Sudan, American, wife killed in car crash & son Harry lives with guardian – Ok at first general chit chat, started to get a bit suspicious as would takes ages to answer and inconsistences in his stories, grammar & spelling not what one would expect from someone who’s language is English, inconsistent with time where he was and would “forget things I told him”. Never used my name always “hun” then yesterday was asked if I could top up his phone so he could ring me to talk to him… Said no (I had already googled scam soldiers and found this happens a lot!) had aggressive messages then about trust and playing with his feelings! Have blocked him now
    Second is Matt (Member ID Number: 638874) – email address mattnolan45@hotmail.com
    Similar story – this time Sergeant away on deployment in Afghanistan…. Alarm bells straight away! This time wife died whilst giving birth to son David, he is also American by birth living in UK, very attentive and asked a lot of questions (mainly did I own house, live alone, good job – I did not answer these) then said he was coming home on the 10th of this month and would love to meet me but (surprise surprise) his phone was low on credit and could I send money to top it up so he could ring me when back in UK…. Again said NO and not heard from him since….

  27. I too believe that I am a victim of a Nigerian Scammer, I met him through a dating site called Be2, He told me he was Lieutenant Michael Elofson from the 75th Rangers, based in Camp Victory in Iraq, nearly married but caught g/f cheating 6 mnths before getting wed. I am still talking to this person, and he has asked about sending him a satellite phone, led me to a website called ts2.pl for his thurane phone, said there was no access to his bank acct there, he is a handsome man, aged 44 and served 22 years in the army, I’ve had lots of pics in uniform and non uniform, I was starting to get to like him after talking to him since Apr 11. but became wary when asking for money. He sent me beautiful poetry, told me he wants to fly over here July to meet (uk) and was leaving Iraq 16 Sept,after being based there 2.5 yrs, even makes excuses to leave for around half hour most nights as he writes patrol reports ! and suggests it is getting increasingly difficult to talk now since Bin Laden !
    His email is michaelelofs@yahoo.com, michaelelof@hotmail.com.
    On Thurs, I told this person there was a Nigerian scam running, he said yes hun , I know its bad but I am not one, I said good because if you are you’re not getting a penny out of me! and I think its totally disgusting you are stealing identities of decent men and using them to con women! he still tried to persuade me he wasn’t one and sent me further pictures. He tried to contact me again this evening, but I said I was busy, so just to prove they will go to any lengths to still try and con their way into your heart and most of all your bank account!

  28. I would like to warn all ladies to be aware of SSGT James Miller. He contacted me through an online dating agency.He sent me romantic messages and seemed perfect. Then he asked to pay £410 for a secure phone line so that we could speak to each other. He said i could pay in 2 installments. Stupidly i paid £205 via Western Union to a woman called Mary Redmond inIowa. This was yesterday. Last night he asked me to pay £1250 to get him his leave so that he could come over and we could meet.I became suspiscious about having to pay and so when i got back from work today i did a little checking up and found that soldiers never have to pay for leave. I now feel such a fool and i’m so angry with myself for being taken in. Its a pity i didn’t check up before i paid the money.
    Ladies beware!

  29. i too have been scammed. The person’s name was Sgt. Fred Williams. After a month he asked me to write a letter for a leave request. This leave required me to pay money the army.I did not do this because , i felt unsure of my decision, and came to find out the paperwork sent to me via email was not real. Sgt. Fred Williams ID number is 35467546-fw. After i became suspicious
    he continued to play like he didnt know what i was talking about.I asked specific questions about him and could not find out anything about him through searching on the internet. He definitly conned his way into my heart.

  30. i have been scammed he started talking to me throw face book so sweet i fell for him he would be so sweet and send such sweet mail it made me melt then after 3 weeks said he would like to meet me he was in afghanistan at the time showed me photos of him with his knee which he said was blow by bomb i felt for him he then aske me if i could send money for his leave papers i told him dont have money but we carryed on talking all time then he aske if i would marry him by this time i had fallen form him i said yes i just wanted to be with him i wanted him home he made me feel speciel so i thought we were married and still all time he was askeing me for money still did not send any then he said he was to buy him self out and aske me to pick money up from westen union he would give me numbers and then send to nigira he said to agent working for usa army i done that and did not think any thing of it this as been going on for a year until last week i started askeing him questions were he know all the people sending this money he said from church and all the time still askeing for money to help him buy him out
    i was not happy by this time becouse he would get very angrey when i said i would not do it i would stop talking to him and then there would be mail which was so sweet he loved me could not sleep as i was running throw his head i aske him were his family were his reply was dad pased on no brothers or sisters never married no children did not think no more about it
    then last week after me askeing questions about this person i was sending money to as it was the same person all the time he got angrey the reason i aske was i did not go to westen union i went to money gram he went mad and said to get it back i did but was aske questions from mg
    then thay told me thay do not deal with her as she is known for scaming thats how it started i told him i was doing no more and told him what mg said about this person then bang he stop talking to me but i keep mailing him i wanted some answers why he stop talking then to day he said he dose not love me dont need more pain in his life and he said i did not love him becouse i never help him to come home i am lucky i never sent any money but some poor woman have been sending him it and i was picking it up and sending it on becouse i did not know any diffrent from what he told me if you were one of these woman that sent him money i am sorry i would love to talk to some one about him i dont want to give his name as he knows i am on to him all i can say is sorry

  31. Major general Bill Millar (Miller), Iraq. Wife and daughter died four years ago. Son Roy in school in NY. Three weeks of unbelievable attention…three hours every evening on skype and the phone. Even the son emailed! And yes, was sucked in and sent money. He is still in touch – and asking for more money so we can be together! Can only hope karma works it’s magic on him soon!

  32. Evelyn Kilpatrick

    Hi – I was almost scammed of £3700 by a man claiming to be Sgt Michael Kennedy – email adresses – ekennedy525@yahoo. com & mkennedy525@hotmail.com. Yes there were the poems – the words of undying love – but then came the quest for money for vocational leave. I couldn’t resist sending him a final email telling him I new he was a cheat. I received back a very threatening email saying he knows my details and will com and find me. I feel very sorry for the real Micahel Kennedy whose photos I have of him and his 2 boys.

  33. Evelyn Kilpatrick

    sorry – please amend first email address to mkennedy525@yahoo.com

  34. hi my name is ruby hawks i meet michael carman a few months back we was even dateing some what if u call it that, but michael carman is a fake and a scammer caues for the fact he didn’t cam up, then he try to get me to give him my checking account # about transferring money into my account, that was a big red flag for sure, then he told me his account is frozen that he couldn’t get in his account, then he wanted me to make a request for him to come home which i knew it was not my place to, he also told me where he is he was not allowed to make calls or cam up, i knew that was a big lie caues my g/f he hubby was in the service and they was on camm alot together,,, so as i see it michael carman is a fake and a scammer he is even useing s fake serial # and pictuers of another man saying it’s him…. this man needs to be stop really all of them, he also told me he is afganastan…. well michael carman don’t talk to me no more the emails and the chat’s in yahoo stoped, but i still got his email and yahoo addy …
    Thank Ruby Hawks

  35. I was also scammed by a us army soldier named Micheal flores who claimed to have US$1.7 million retirement benefit and want to be home with me. I must pay some monies to us army to release him for his vacation leave. after chatting for few months, he said the us army asked for more monies.. i was taken by his sweet words and poems sent to me and I really want to find a foreign husband. I paid a huge sum to settle this painstaking amount dont wish to reveal. US Army sent me email non stop kept asking for payment. then finally, one day the us army told me my hubby mcheal was shot by taliban and he is seriously injuried. then they said they wrote to President obama and even faked his signature and asked for more money to release the retirement fund to me. Then his mother also faked sent me a email saying she needs the money now as her son is dead. I asked us army to produce death certificate and they said given to his mother…all excuses one after another. so be wary if scammers asked u to send monies to us army..they is no such things gals, if you need more info, pls email to me cindywongmh@yahoo.com.sg..thanks alot..i have reported to cid and us army but no news. all my savings are wiped out and i am in heavy debts now..because of this cheaters out there to scam innocent girls like me ..who is poor and not rich..why they must do that to us and nigerian scammers are all useless bums..

  36. Beware of someone claiming to be SSG David Morgan, stationed in camp Victoria in Iraq. Following are his details given to me by him in his first email to me. Duh…the bad grammer should have been my first red flag…but when I questioned him he claimed that English is his second language…I bought it. Then he started asking me to send him a lap top and/or money to secure a lap top. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to get money out of me he stopped emailing and instant messaging.

    I notice on Match.com that his profile has changed to “Brilliantmarv” and he changed his location to Los Angeles.

    I Really want to make it kinow that I do not blame SSG David Morgan, whomever he is, he is as much a victim as I am in this.

    David’s first email:

    Hello Diana,

    I hope your day went well.. just thinking of what to tell you and I hope this will tell you a little more about me’…I hope you’ll tell me some more in your next mail. But I prefer to chat on IM. 
    I really like everything I read in your profile and my gut instincts tells me you are a good woman. But here we are with you in MA and me, far away in the middle east on Peace keeping with the army(defense intelligence)…Too bad isn’t it? Well as long as we have life, we can still have time for ourselves in the near future, what matters is life, right? I do understand the distance thing; I just truly believe that there are no boundaries as you seek your life companion…How do I set the ball rolling?
    My name is David Morgan and with one kid adopted  …was married before but lost my wife…5’7 feet tall and average. I was born on 28th August, 1963 at Baptist Hospital of Miami………I started A &A Children Academy at 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools, I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn’t spend much time at home.

    My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field of the army and later worked with the UN. I am now an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) and now working with the UN. I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class.  I am the leader of my squad. I am a noncommissioned officer and I work in the junior management of the military.
    Talking about who I am; am that easy going type, adventurous, romantic, ambitious and have a very good sense of humor. My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports, watching movies, going for walks, listening to music (almost all types of music), love on the beach, dancing in the dark etc..
    My favorite movies are romantic movies, adventure films, war films and comedy movies eating habits: just about anything. Am always smiling and don’t easily get irritated, I don’t even remember the last time I frowned, am that type of person who always try to make people laugh. I always make sure to share the little that I have with someone and also satisfied with whatever I have….
    As you already know, I am currently stationed in Baghdad (Victoria Camp), the capital of Iraq . I have to let you know that I am on my second mission in Iraq and I have already spent 4 yrs and am left with 1 month to retire and be home. My first mission to Iraq was in 2004. My mission ended in 2006. When back to the States, some few months after, my wife died of cancer. I was with her for 14 years. I am now looking for the one whisk to my heart….in which I will then say a woman that can put her past behind move on with me to the next level, talking about my family, i have none. All i have now is my adopted son. I adopted him when he was 10 years .I lost my family during the world trade Centre tourist attack…. so i want to start a new beginning with a woman i will one day find….. I believe either of us had in mind of meeting someone special online but it has just come to pass with our personality description towards learning few things about each other. I’m ready to falling in love with someone special whoever that happens to be.. there are few qualities which talks about genuine  woman in relationship, such as faithfulness, loyalty, trustworthy, Honesty, respectful etc.

    I guess having those qualities in relationship can really help allot. I am not looking to fill a void in my life, I am looking for my soul mate. I consider myself a very easy going person, even tempered.
    I love to cook and a perfect evening would be to decide on a wonderful menu and cook together while enjoying a fine glass of red wine and great music. I enjoy many type of music from easy listening jazz to classical to country western especially Ian Tyson. I love to have adventures, large or small, and am looking for someone to share them with.
     I look into the future with hope and would like to create a relationship based on respect, understanding, trust and love. Seeking a relationship with longevity and not just something will end in just a blink of an eye. I have a great sense of humor and can dish it out to make a sad day enjoyable.
    My cologne I wear is Armani,Prada,Gucci and CK. I like those smells. As far as clothes, I wear casual clothing like nice shirts, pants with a nice polo, nautical or Tommy shirt and also i like wearing suits. I do like wearing jeans as well and I love to dress up for occasions. Okay that brings me to my next subject. I am very honest,caring,open,romantic,dependable,soft touched and respectful to my partner. As far as what I am looking for here is well, in any relationship I feel becoming a best friend is best start of a good relationship. To become a husband and lover to a woman should be second. This getting married should come when both people are comfortable with each other and know them pretty well and have accepted them for who they are. But to be a lover and husband there also has to be a spark between them. The spark is sharing that part in a relationship for intimacy. It’s special and both husband and wife need to have that between them.

    There should be a want and desire to make each other happy. I want to be able to treat her like a queen and share and laugh do all the home duties together. I want her to take on her own identity. If she wants to work then I would support her in what ever she want to do if only she need my help or whatever she decides she wanted to do then I would support that. I do not want someone who thinks they have this chain and ball around their ankle.
    Honestly I’ve all that it takes to be a man, I don’t really need anything from my partner. maybe in terms of circumstances there might some kind of help from each other, helping to make things right. It’s not all that easy meeting that rightful woman with all those qualities which I’m dreaming off. I am a very sincere person who laughs easily, loves to tease and be teased and who communicates openly and honestly. I pride myself in being independent both emotionally and financially. I have reached the point where I am looking for someone who is open to a new friendship and maybe even a committed relationship.  I love life and would like to live it to the fullest, but its not all that easy without someone to share those life experiences with. I think two heads are better than one.
    I will be home on retirement in 8 weeks and that is one main reason why i joined the dating website even though it’s not safe out here to be using the internet and everything i still had a thought about dating since for a long time now i never went on a date and am about to go on retirement and want to have that special woman in my life so that when i come back on retirement i can be with till the end of the world.

    I never knew how to do this online chat and it was my son who thought me how to chat online and to send emails but unfortunately i can’t always be sending emails because most of my time i talk to my son online.

    I speak the truth and believe in brutal honesty! Perfect relationship it’s hard to find. But yet I realized there is no perfect relationship. I am looking for a serious relationship in the near future. I would like to know the person I want to be with. Good relationship starts with good friendship. Building a friendship with someone is the good start to know the person. I’m hoping for someone who really cares about me. And will love me the way I am. I am not “Perfect” but I do know how to respect other people. And someday I will be happy with someone who cares, someone who will always be there for me. i will like to know you…Hope you are fine and doing okay. I will be much glad if you reply me back and also can i have some pictures of you…?

    …Talk soon…attached a photo
    would love to hear your voice but it’s rather unfortunate we have a communication break down and hope you can bear with me for some time…Looking forward to hearing from you soon..

    Yours Friend
    Have a nice evening!

  37. My friend has been talking to a cpt Pedro Mendez in afganistan. He has a daughter Nancy 10 who lives in the UK with her grandmother. He and his wife are divorced and he has custody.
    He’s been talking to her for several months and says he will get his orders in November to come back to the states. Now he has told her he wants to purchase a Phone that is $2,650.00, he will pay 2k if she will pay the rest so that they can talk. She is so smitten and I don’t want to see her hurt. He says he’s been in afganistan for 19 months.
    He says he is coming for her in November and wants to marry her.

    If anyone can give me information on this I would appreciate it. My friend has been hurt in the past and I would love to spare her more hurt.

  38. I think I also got duped. I met this man at match.com, he winked at me and I answered him back.He mentioned that he was only at the site until that day and he would have to cancel out his temporary membership so he asked me to chat with him at yahoo. His name is Steven Gaffney, with email address; stevengaffney80@yahoo.com. We chatted since May 6 until May29. He said he is deployed in Iraq at Camp Taji, has been with the Army for 23 yrs. He is originally from London and migrated to the US with his DAD & mom when he was 16 yrs. old. He claims his dad was with the UN Army(thought it was typo then) and that’s the very reason why he joined the USArmy, and was stationed in Miami Florida. He used to be married but his wife passed away while giving birth to their daughter(who he was going to call Elise). Daughter also died during birth. This happened when he was 39 yrs old. And his mom passed away 5 years after that. His dad also passed away and he said that he has no relative at all. I thought that was kind of weird. But anyway he is a smooth talker. He started how glad he met me, that I am the only woman he will spend his life with. And he never thought that he was going to find a woman after his wife. All these sweet talk and how much he has fallen for me. I also noticed that he never said my name. He always called me Babe, or Baby, or Honey. Then he mentioned that he wished someone would send him a care package.At that time, I did not know what a care package was. That’s when these all started. Fool that I was, I offered to send him one. He asked me what I was going to send him and I said what do you want. Then he started giving me a list which included a cell phone, magic jack, tshirts, boxer shorts, NIke Airforce running shoes and others.. He said he never used his APO address so he gave me the email address of his carrier by the name of Michael Bino with the email address: package_carrier_4all@hotmail.com. with a Ghana Address: 60 Tree Ave Accra Ghana. I spent a total of $303 including freight to put the contents together to ship it to this address. Even before the package reached customs in Ghana, he has asked me to send him $1250.00 for custom clearance. i said I didn’t have that amount. In my chats with Steven Gaffney, he would ask about the care package. He asked me to follow what his carrier would ask me to do. He was insisting that I send his carrier the money. I actually asked him to pay his carrier. He said his money is frozen and he has no access to his account. He continued to ask me how much I can send. I continued to refused and he was getting agitated. The last time I heard from him was May 29, when he asked me the last time if I could send at least $90.00 top cover for his carrier’s flight to Iraq. I refused. I never heard from him since.
    I already had that feeling however, I refused to think of it. Until I finally sent an email to the carrier and asked him if Sergeant Steven has received the package.He said only if I sent him the money for custom clearance. I said I have the $100.00. he said it was not enough. That ‘s when I went online to check his name out. Watch out for Michael Bino or Steven Gaffney..both are indeed scammers.

  39. Ana I am currently being scammed by Steven Gaffney. And his story is the same. Accept I got suspicious when he started asking for specific brands of things to send to his mail carrier. at package_carrier_4All@hotmail.com.

    O don’t know what made me come on here tonight but I am so glad that I did. He is a scammer. Steven Gaffney is a smooth talker and should be ashamed of himself. I actually feel very foolish because he was convincing. I am shocked.

  40. This scam happened to me. Steven Gaffney ompersinating an army officer in Taji Camp even tried to get me to send very expensive items through a fake carrier called
    package_carrier_4all@yahoo.com just this week. He promised to spend the rest of his life with me if I will wait for him. He wants expensive items such as nike air force 1 sneekers in size 10, portable play stations, digital camera so he can take a picture of himself to send to me, and various other items. I went along with it for awhile, to see how far will he lie. He is a good liar and will lure you in with his high position in the army and his sad story of his dead wife who died giving birth to their first daughter! All lies. Do not fall for this ladies. Report this immediately to the military.

  41. correction on the above post. it is package_carrie_4all@hotmail.com
    regarding Steven Gaffney the fake

  42. Oh my gosh ladies and gentle men …I was stupid enought to fall AGAIN to prey of a scammer his name is Colonel Peter David Rossi [removed by ExecutiveGov.com] of the US Army Afhganistian I sent a PS3 games system to a Mary Both in So San Francisco for his so call son Morris, He wife and 2 other children were killed in a car accident 3 years ago. This happen to me last year by a man name Mark Louis of Nigeria. I thought I was being carefull but dirty so snd so’s got me again… a 500.00 games system. Now this Colonel Peter David Rossi is asking for money for a leave the e-mail addres I am getting the fake documents from is [removed by ExecutiveGov.com] He says that he is Special Forces and this is the way they need for him to come home. I am so upset with myself I could have use tha money for my daughter and I fell prey AGAIN…. PLEASE LADIES BE CAREFUL THESE FOLKS ARE HEARTLESS!

  43. I have a list of names that have all done this too me thank god my father is military and was able to tell me exactly what information to ask for. the following address have all contacted me and wanted to marry me after only 24 hours. allynsmith13@yahoo.com also used to go by allynsmith67@yahoo.com, joe.frank37@yahoo.com, Robert steve Troxell using trobertsteve@yahoo.com, sgt.ralphadams@yahoo.com, sgt.micheal.herold@yahoo.com. These men have all told me they loved me wanted to be with me they all claim to be stationed in Iraq or Afghanastan. I will continue to find them and post their information. Just to help you all out if they can provide you with the following information they are fake! Where they are deployed, what unit they are with, what rank they are, what their military e-mail address is, and where they are stationed when they are in the states. They must have the answer to all of these questions you can go online and verify if they are real by looking at the base they claim to be out of or asking the army to verify the information. These people are using our soilders pictures ect. to scam women it’s disgusting that they would do this to people. It makes our soilders look bad. Keep posting their names and be on the look out for these jerks they pray on innocent women.

  44. Like Karen Wilkinson, I was scammed by SSGT James Miller. I didn’t part with money though. I cut him off as soon as money was mentioned and I was directed to a fake website to buy a satellite phone. I have since reported him to the dating website he was on.

  45. How do you women fall for this? These men sense your desperation. Why would a soldier need money? OMG I know these men are awful but you must also be held accountable for falling for this scam.

  46. Has anyone heard from a guy named Chris Adams? He has more than one profile on match,com and both profiles are different. In one he is 47 with pictures. In the other her is 52 with even different pictures. One is fake therefore both are fake. Who does this but a creeper? chrisranger10@yahoo.com is his email and something just isn’t right about him.


  47. [omg] what happend to me i’ved inloved colonel johnson huhg desame story…How can be stop this scam on net…Please help some woman to protect’s themselves…Thank you

  48. This is funny, but how sad. Match.com – Said he only had one day left of his “temporary” membership so we communicated via yahoo mail. Probablyl about three weeks. He asked
    if I could send a package (he was in the Army stationed in Basra) of white tee shirts, boxers,
    Axe, several things. He sent a few pictures, one two in his uniform. Said his name was Kelvin
    Edwards and even the patch on his uniform said Edwards. I never ever entered my mind that it was the start of a scam. Says he gets to come home June 11. His wife died in childbirth along with the baby. Now my hearts breaking. Im still clueless. Talk to him a couple weeks later
    he says all his buddies were transferred to Afghanistan and he didnt register in time so he
    was sent to Ghana and then it happened. He asked me for money to fly home and he would
    pay me back as soon as arrived in the states that he loved me and wanted to start a life
    with me. I was flippin so mad. I knew the Army doesnt send you to war and make you pay
    when your term is over. I told him I couldnt believe he would take those poor men fighting
    with their lives and he inpersonates them to scam people. Doesnt most of this sound pretty
    familiar? Talk about live and learn. No more match.com either. Take care all.

  49. This is a reply to Karen’s request for info re: Sgt. Obed Morrison. Same MO. Soldier in Iraq on special services and would be discharged as of Dec. 2010. Got his so-called sister involved by trying to get me to believe that she would be traveling into Ghana with over 66,000. in cash. Other countries have only a sympathetic ear and not much else can be done. He said he was from New Jersey but then all of a sudden Ghana was the name of the game.I am writing a book about this scam and it should be out by next year. These individuals are from Africa, and the Arab nations and are vicious scam artists.

  50. I was scammed out of $10,000 from a Lt. Thomas Mickle, stationed in Camp Victory….please be careful….heartache and anger all at once.

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