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FCC Reveals National Broadband Plan

istock_000000295231smallYesterday, the Federal Communications Commission revealed a 360-page national broadband plan that includes six different long-term goals over the next decade. One of these goals is “Every American should have affordable access to robust broadband service, and the means and skills to subscribe if they so choose.”

The other five long-term goals are spelled out in the Executive Summary of the plan. It also incorporates a call to action recalling that it has almost been a decade since 9/11 and U.S. first responders still lack a nationwide public safety mobile broadband communications network.

Due to the fact that the U.S. is behind many countries as far as the adoption of broadband technology, another goal of the plan is that the U.S should be a leader in the world of mobile innovation. This is both in terms of speed and extensiveness of the wireless networks in the nation.

According to NextGov reports, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowsi claimed “The National Broadband Plan is a 21st century roadmap to spur economic growth and investment, create jobs, educate our children, protect our citizens, and engage in our democracy.”

The FCC states in the Executive Summary that, “Like the Internet itself, the plan will always be changing-adjusting to new developments in technologies and markets, reflecting new realities, and evolving to realize the unforeseen opportunities of a particular time.” Today, five of the FCC regulators are going to approve a joint statement at a public meeting to endorse the goals in the plan. Following this, the plan will be submitted to Congress for eventual implementation.

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  1. Broadband has increased the level of internet consumption in the world’s population therefore improving the awareness levels. It has been widely used as a tool for communication, entertainment and mobilization.

  2. The entry of mobile broadband in the technological world has become invaluable for those who would want to access the internet while on the move. It is a good move and has facilitated easy and cheap access to the internet at different locations.

  3. Mobile broad band yippee. I can now use my phone to access the internet and forget about the modem if I have credit in my phone. Therefore the cyber cafes can kiss me goodbye because the next time I as much as show my face there I would have lost my phone!

  4. Way to step it up FCC – Now we just need to see the results 🙂

  5. Sounds great with a broadband plan. It is important specially in the future. More and business depends on technology and internet business is growing every day

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