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FCC to Hold Public Workshop

openinternetThe Federal Communications Commission will be holding the next Open Internet Workshop on April 28, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. The workshop, “Approaches to Preserving the Open Internet,” will be streamed live for all interested parties on FCC Live on www.openinternet.gov.

The goal of the workshop is to “address how the Internet’s openness can best be preserved, including by examining historical and ongoing efforts to protect Internet openness in the United States and other countries, and by discussing the key technological, economic, and legal considerations relevant to the need for and substance of the Commission’s proposed open Internet policies.”

The panelists will discuss a number of issues, including mobile wireless broadband. The complete agenda and list of participants will be released sometime in mid-April. While the workshop is open to the public, there is limited seating at the Jackson Federal Building in Seattle therefore attendance is limited to the space available.

During the workshop, the public is encouraged to participate by submitting questions. Anyone can participate by sending the questions via email to newmedia@fcc.gov or using #Oidiscuss on Twitter: http://twitter.com/fcc.  More information regarding the workshop can be found at www.openinternet.gov.

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