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Global Green IT Effort Raises Awareness on Reducing Carbon Footprints

green itFor those who want to learn more about green IT, June is the month: Australia-based ComputersOff.org is launching the International Green IT Awareness Week June 1 to 7 to spotlight green IT and pave the way for organizations to initiate, promote and support green IT discussions and encourage employees with the knowledge and innovative ideas on how to reduce their environmental footprints.

The International Green IT Awareness Week is being developed to encourage organizations during this week to bring together their IT leadership with their business managers, CFOs, CEOs and corporate environment managers to start the discussion around what their organization can do to green their IT infrastructure.

The initiative will offer a variety of programs and initiatives hosted by public and private sector organizations globally. The week-long effort will kick off with a virtual event discussing topics such as the latest news in green IT, what businesses can gain from implementing green IT measures and examples of organizations that have achieved an environmentally sustainable IT.

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