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GSA Launches BetterBuy Pilot(s)

124062The General Services Administration has launched the first phase of the BetterBuy pilots. The pilots will be on data.gov, which launched today, March 25, 2010, and Clearpath, which will launch in the coming weeks.

In phase one GSA is testing this wiki: https://betterbuy.fas.gsa.gov/index.php/Main_Page

As well as a new Twitter account to continually update the status: http://twitter.com/BetterBuyproj

In the next phases there will be new things to experiment with. According to the wiki, “The entire point of this exercise is to test out how we can use collaboration and social media to make the federal acquisition process more efficient and effective.”

People are invited to contribute by asking questions about different sections of the solicitation, by helping in writing up the draft, by engaging in meaningful technical debate, by pointing out mistakes, by asking general questions, and overall, by just contributing. This is as transparent as it gets and “is the most transparent acquisition that GSA FEDSIM has ever attempted.”

Back in December we sat in on a conference call to discuss the BetterBuy Project. Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner of GSA, told us “the main goals (of the project) are to determine how to use collaborative technology to improve the federal acquisition process.”

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