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Kundra Hopes to Consolidate Data Centers

222319-0-0-3Federal CIO Vivek Kundra, along with Treasury CIO Michael Duffy and Department of Homeland Security CIO Richard Spires, plans to limit the number of federal data centers.

The number of government data centers has been increasing steadily, going from 432 in 1998 to as many as 1,100 in 2009. According to FierceGovernment, Kundra said, “We’ve seen that this is the best practice from the private sector, and the government needs to take it head on.”

Kundra noted in a memo that all agencies must be ready for an inventory of the IT assets by April 30. He also stated that the preliminary data-center consolidation plan will be developed by June 30 and the plans will be finalized by Dec. 31, 2010.

Kundra also stated, “This growth in redundant infrastructure investments is costly, inefficient and unsustainable and has significant impact on energy consumption.” The implementation of the plan will begin in early 2011.

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