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Wellness Initiative Funding Opportunity

nutritionThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced the “Communities Putting Prevention to Work” initiative this past Friday. The availability of Recovery Act Funds for this community prevention and wellness initiative will be a key to building a healthier nation.

The initiative includes helping communities improve nutrition, as well as motivate more physical activity and decrease smoking. According to a HHS press release, Sebelius said, “Tobacco, obesity, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity are significant drivers of the nation’s disease rates.”

She continued on to say: “National organizations have the knowledge and experience to help communities tackle these hard issues. Additionally, national organization’s extensive networks will expand the reach and impact of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative.”

National organizations can apply for $10 million in cooperative agreements to help communities accomplish these goals. National public or private nonprofits that are interested in applying can find information at www.grants.gov, and the deadline for the application is April 19, 2010.

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