Restricted BlackBerry Use for Airmen

curve_01Starting this month, Air Force officials won’t be able to use their BlackBerry devices to send text messages with photos or videos attached, or download new applications. These Department of Defense-directed changes will be overseen by security specialists in 24th Air Force, which is the operational warfighting organization responsible for defending Air Force network operations.

“Just as physical security measures at forward and stateside bases are constantly being improved to meet current threats, so also are cyber protection measures taken to protect DOD information,” said Maj. Gen. Richard Webber, 24th Air Force commander.

Other BlackBerry restrictions include:

–If a device is being synched and its software is out-of-date, a “Force Load” message will appear. The user will have only one opportunity to decline updating the software. Any subsequent syncing attempts will render the device inoperative until the software is updated.

–Most Bluetooth functionality will be disabled. The only Bluetooth feature that will continue to function will be linking the device to the smart-card reader cradle.

–Users no longer will be able to connect their smart-card reader cradle to their computers.

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