Telepharmacy for U.S. Navy

adrian-telepharmacyThe U.S. Navy has been facing a shortage of pharmacists. When catastrophes such as the earthquake in Haiti occur, many pharmacists are deployed and this in turn makes a shortage of pharmacists in other areas.

But now there is a solution: ScriptPro Telepharmacy. This is a robotics-based management telepharmacy system with a headquarters in Mission, Kansas. ScriptPro services thousands of different pharmacies across the world. It helps pharmacies cut costs, reduce errors, and be more efficient without limiting customer satisfaction.

The system allows one single pharmacist to oversee and dispense prescriptions to customers at satellite pharmacies. Through the system they are able to capture real-time images of each step, as well as access to video and audio links.

Mike Coughlin, the President and CEO of ScriptPro, said “Our Telepharmacy system operates in a systematic way. It organizes photos, which become part of the electronic record, of the written prescription, the drug image, and patient information. The pharmacist reviews these remotely and then interacts with the patient concerning the proper use of the medication.”

The U.S. Navy now will be able to cope with the lack in pharmacists. ScriptPro’s Telepharmacy system was the only system that met the standards of the Navy; now telepharmacy is in the process of being rolled out to a large degree for the first time in history.

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