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EPA Promotes Air Quaility Awareness Week

nature6The Environmental Protection Agency, state and local air agencies nationwide yesterday marked the first day of Air Quality Awareness Week by reminding Americans to stay “Air Aware” to reduce their exposure and their contribution to air pollution.

By following recommendations of the Air Quality Index, people can take simple steps to reduce the amount of pollution they inhale. The AQI is EPA’s color-coded tool for reporting daily air quality and forecasts for common air pollutants, including ozone and particle pollution.

To improve your air-quality awareness and help protect your health, EPA suggests visiting the EnviroFlash website, which provides local AQI forecasts and air-quality action day notifications, by email, or in some cities, via Twitter. An alternative to EnviroFlash is the AIRNow website, which displays local forecasts and ozone-pollution information.

Families can also engage their children in AQI. The new “Why is Coco Orange” booklet, available on AIRNow.gov, explains air quality for children ages 4 to 8.

Other tips from EPA to reduce your contribution to pollution include carpooling, turn off lights in rooms that are not being used and refueling your car after dusk.

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