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FDA & NIH Launch Safety Reporting Website

cowThe Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute of Health launched a new website yesterday to benefit public health. This new web portal is called the Safety Reporting Portal and it will be used as a means of reporting safety data to the federal government.

While safety data is a broad term, for this portal it encompasses reporting safety issues with foods, animal feed, animal drugs, pet foods, or any unfavorable events happening on the human gene transfer trials.  The SRP includes four different types of reporting: reportable food registry, pets, animal drugs and clinical trials.

Commissioner of Food and Drugs Margaret Hamburg said, “The portal will be a key detection tool in improving the country’s nationwide surveillance system and will strengthen our ability to protect the nation’s health.”

This new electronic reporting system is a big step for these agencies. It will eventually offer individuals a single portal to report information to all federal agencies interested in gaining access to these reports.

“We will now be able to analyze human and animal safety-related events more quickly and identify those measures needed to protect the public,” Hamburg said.

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