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Homeland Security Companies Compete for $25,000

american-flagU.S. companies specializing in homeland security now have the chance to compete for $25,000: The Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation is awarding four $25,000 Homeland Security Awards to American individuals or companies who are making measurable and constructive contributions in basic or advanced research in the area of homeland security.

Those wanting to compete should hurry: All nominations must be submitted online by May 7, 2010 . The award website also includes information on the competition rules, regulations, and past recipients.

A $25,000 Homeland Security Award will be presented in each of the following four fields:

1) Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Chemical and Explosive Attacks – Including utilities (air, water, telephone), aviation, business vulnerabilities, sensors, and lack of situational awareness.

2) Border and Transportation Security – Airport security, trucks, rail, and containers authorization, certification and tracking.

3) Cybersecurity and Information Sharing – Cybersecurity, vertical and horizontal (federal, state and private) communications, ways to encourage information sharing, privacy issues, and criminal and terrorist watchlists.

4) Emergency Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters – Interoperability, emergency command centers, mobile devices (PDAs, cell phones, pagers, Internet.)

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