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Jones Explains New National Security Strategy

081201_jonesPresident Barack Obama yesterday offered a peek into the main themes of the new National Security Strategy as the 52-page document was released. “Our strategy starts by recognizing that our strength and influence abroad begins with the steps we take at home,” the president said.

These steps were specified today in a press conference. James L. Jones spoke on behalf of the strategy’s evolving nature, explaining it now focuses on the globalization of information and the need to adapt to the dangers of the interconnectivity.

“This interconnection also comes with the perils of global challenges that do not respect borders: global networks of terrorists and criminals, threats in space and cyberspace, a degrading climate and technologies with increasing destructive power,” Jones said.

After explaining how the structure of the 20th-century strategy is now outfitted for fast changing innovations, the retired Marine Corps general summarized the method in which the new strategy will go about protecting national security.

Jones explained the main key to the new strategy is the strengthening of allies. He said: “We will pursue comprehensive engagement around the world. We will strengthen old alliances, we will build new partnerships with emerging centers of influence in every region, and we will push for institutions that are more capable of responding to the challenges of our time.”

As he ended his conference with the reassurance the United States will find peace in the Middle East, Jones also touched upon the new strategy’s inclusion of safeguarding cyberspace.

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