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Wennergren Addresses Net Generation Mindset

stk_baby_laptopThe Department of Defense recently released the Net Generation guide, which will address the increasing need for federal agencies to adapt to the new tech-savvy generation.

There will be a wave of retirements happening over the next few years, and the Net Generation is beginning to replace the Baby Boomers in the workplace. One key consideration and difference between these generations is that the Net Generation has used the Internet its whole life.

Many of these newly employed will be joining the military or the federal workspace, so the Department of Defense Deputy Chief of Information Officer David Wennergren said the federal government needs to have tools available to not only attract but retain the Net Generation. Wennergren is reminded this new generation of workers sees IT tools as air or water–a necessity, not a supplement.

While social media are prevalent with the Net Generation, and they are becoming more widespread in all agencies, another key characteristic of this generation is passion for community service and making a difference. Wennergren begs the question, “Are you helping them to grow and recognize that this is a place they can make a difference?” That is the key,  Wennergren said.

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