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DHS Evaluates Organizational Structure

MEXICO US RIDGEThe Department of Homeland Security may be going under some reorganization in the future. SecurityManagement recently reported DHS may decide to merge the Office of Infrastructure Protection and the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, two offices that already collaborate a great deal.

DHS will only be merging the two offices if makes sense for the organization as a whole, not just for the “sake of merging them,” said Todd Keil, assistant secretary of homeland security for infrastructure protection. While they have closely related mission statements, the decision would need thorough joint assessments.

Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Office of Public Affairs of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Amy Kudwa said, “In line with Secretary Napolitano’s efficiency review, launched days after taking office in January 2009, and the first-ever Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, we consistently evaluate our organizational structure to ensure the best, most effective approach to our priorities.”

While no formal decision has been made yet about merging the two offices, the Department will continue to seek new, innovative ways and techniques to enhance security in an ever-changing threat environment, Kudwa said.

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