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FCC Helps Globetrotters Cut International Cellphone Bills

suitcasesMonday did not only mark the beginning of the summer but it also introduced the Wireless World Travel Week, kicking off a busy season for Americans who travel internationally.

To help globetrotting consumers save money, the Federal Communications Commission is using the Wireless World Travel Week to offer tips on how to reduce costs of  international wireless use.

“International calling can be complicated and confusing, so we’re devoting a whole week to help consumers become well informed,” said Joel Gurin, chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau of the FCC. “With awareness, information, and help from their wireless provider, consumers can avoid billing surprises when they return from their travels.”

Wireless World Travel Week will include daily tips on international calling from the FCC’s “Savvy Traveler” blog posts and Twitter page, a video, and a Tip Sheet for consumers.

“People can become savvy travelers before their trips overseas by checking with their wireless providers to learn about international calling and data fees for their mobile phone plans.  A little preparation and education can save consumers a bundle,” said Mindel De La Torre, chief of the FCC’s International Bureau.

For more information, the task force has published a tip sheet titled Wireless World Travel Made Simple, which includes information for major wireless providers. Consumers can also read the “Savvy Traveler” blog and visit FCC’s Twitter page, or watch a YouTube video offering more tips.

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