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Petraeus Begins Confirmation Process at Senate Hearing

GEN-PETRAEUSThe newly appointed U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Gen. David Petraeus appeared yesterday before the Senate Armed Services Committee and gave his remarks on the situation in Afghanistan.

The testimony was part of the confirmation process for the general after he was nominated by President Barack Obama to replace Stanley McChrystal following his resignation.

Petraeus explained while there has been enormous success in U.S. efforts in Afghanistan, any immediate withdrawal seems unlikely.

“It is important to note the president’s reminder in recent days that July 2011 will mark the beginning of a process, not the date when the U.S. heads for the exits and turns out the lights,” he said. “As he explained this past Sunday in fact, we’ll need to provide assistance to Afghanistan for a long time to come.”

His speech much reflected many points discussed in the recent address from the president, stating that Afghanistan remains high on the nation’s interests. However, Petraeus mentioned while it is important, it will not be easy.

“Further progress will take even greater partnering, additional training improvements, fuller manning of the training and mentoring missions, and expanded professional education opportunities,” the general said, “and initiatives are being pursued in each of these areas.”

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