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Obama Announces Patients’ Bill of Rights

13363723_11nPresident Barack Obama unveiled new regulations under the Affordable Health Care Act in a speech that marked the first 90 days since the bill was signed.

Titled the “Patient’s Bill of Rights,” the new package of benefits revealed how the provisions will be executed and various protections to customers under the Affordable Health Care Act.

While full coverage to the nation’s uninsured does not go into full effect until 2014, the president highlighted some of the immediate benefits the bill provides. Guaranteed coverage with children with preexisting conditions, a ban on lifetime coverage limits, the decline of annual coverage limits and the prohibiting of insurers to cancel policies of those who fall ill are all prompt protections.

“Consumers will finally have access to simple, clear information about their choices and their rights,” Obama said. “These protections to preserve America’s choice of doctors made up the original Patient’s Bill of Rights. It was a proposal that was debated over a decade ago with significant bipartisan support, but was never enacted until now as part of the Affordable Care Act.”

In regards to government members who want to repeal the bill and reverse its motions, the president said, “We’re not going back. I refuse to go back.”

The president said he hopes the new provisions will keep momentum for support for the healthcare reform.

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