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CIO Vivek Kundra: IT Reform Review to Focus on Increasing Returns Rather than Cutting Spending

kundraTechAmerica on Tuesday held a town hall meeting for a discussion between private and public sector about the administration’s plan to review and overhaul many federal technology programs.

Addressing technology executives, federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra stressed how the review’s aim is to increase returns on IT projects rather than to cut spending. The administration’s guidance and metrics on the review process will be forthcoming in two to three weeks, he said.

Kundra also commended TechAmerica Foundation for launching its Commission on the Government Technology Initiative in the 21st Century. The commission will work to make recommendations on how the administration can improve the government’s acquisition and management of technology adoptions. Kundra and TechAmerica President and CEO Phil Bond said they looked forward to future opportunities to continue the dialogue between government and industry.

“We are pleased to hear that the administration’s focus is not on undermining current investment projects but rather the development of sound practices that will lead to more initiatives,” Bond said after the meeting. “Our members found common ground with Mr. Kundra that return for investments and successful deployments are beneficial to all.”

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