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Dr. Jill Biden Urges Support for Military Children

Photo: The Washington Note
Photo: The Washington Note

Dr. Jill Biden stressed the importance of quality education and support for children of military families during a conference last week for the Military Child Education Coalition.

The conference was held to raise awareness, address the impact of the stresses of military life on school children and hear feedback from military families about changes that would best serve them.

“School faculty and staff are in a unique position to support children while they cope with having a parent deployed,” she said.

Biden explained one of the largest challenges for military children in school is the changing of schools due to relocations. The changes are difficult for the children, she explained, because it means transferring credits, getting to know new teachers and navigating a new school system.

That is why Biden, along with first lady Michelle Obama, announced a national movement to support military families. They are working toward the development of www.serve.gov, a website dedicated to military families and veterans.

“Whether it’s offering to mow the lawn or babysit the kids,” she said, “as a military mom, I have seen first-hand how acts of kindness and service can improve the life of a service member.”

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  1. I wrote on this very same subject just two days ago–thank you to Dr. Jill Biden for supporting our military families! http://marymind.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/an-iddy-biddy-thought-on-kindness/

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