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Government Launches New Smartphone Apps

iPhoneGovThe government continues to strengthen its presence in the technology realm with today’s release of four new smartphone apps.

The Obama administration unveiled the new apps as part of the relaunch of the government website, USA.gov. The apps “Product Recalls,” “My TSA,” “UV Index” and “My Food-a-Pedia” put a refreshing spin on the government’s presence in the smartphone marketplace.

Agencies are adding these new programs to their collection of existing apps, such “FBI’s Ten Most Wanted” and “U.S. Embassy Locator,” in hopes to hop on the smartphone bandwagon and redesign how the public receives its information.

White House Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra explained that the relaunch of the government website “was focused on how the average American consumes information and not how the average government employee makes information available.”

He added, “That’s how the American people are accessing their government and accessing their personal life, whether you’re making a reservation on OpenTable or checking the status of a package, it’s happening in that space.”

The new apps will be joining the 14 existing programs found on the website. These other apps include “U.S. Postal Service Tools” and the “NASA App,” among others.

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