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House Approves $59 Billion for War Funding


The House Appropriations Committee yesterday passed a bill to increase funding for war efforts in Afghanistan and other programs.

The House voted 308-114 on legislation that approves almost $59 billion for war efforts. It will allot nearly $37 billion to the military, which will go toward the surge of an additional 30,000 troops in Afghanistan. It will also fund continued military operations in Iraq, as well as State Department operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The rest of the almost $23 billion will be used to pay for other programs. It includes money for the Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster relief fund, State Department aid programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Haiti, and benefits for Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange.

“Supporting the requested levels of force structure in each of the Military Services contributes to moving toward a better balance between periods of deployments and time at home,” said Chairman of Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense Norm Dicks during his opening remarks. “[It is] a balance that is essential to maintaining good morale and the well-being of individuals.”

The decision to pass the bill comes just in time for the Pentagon, which expected money to run out as soon as August.

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