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Keynote Speakers Lineup Announced for HSNI 2010 Conference

HSNI_logoHomeland Security for Networked Industries has recently announced their keynote speakers lineup for the 2010 conference in Washington, D.C. that will take place September 20-21.

The conference, which focuses on the topic of securing our nation’s critical infrastructure industry networks, is being held to initiate dialogue between industries and government to strengthen cross industry collaboration and communication in protecting critical infrastructures.

Some of the keynote speakers that will be attending this upcoming conference include: MITRE’s Charles Schmidt, Boeing’s Christi Scott, FCC’s Jeffery Goldthrop, Lockheed Martin’s Bob Kirchner and DHS’ Jenny Menna, among many others.

According to BusinessWire, Juliet Shavit, General Manager of HSNI 2010 commented on the list of scheduled speakers. She said, “We are very excited about this year’s speakers because they represent the most influential individuals from government and industry in the areas of network security and homeland security.”

She added, “The conference will focus on cross industry collaboration and improved communication between government and industry for more effective national information security and cyber security initiatives.”

Securing NextGen communications networks, public-private partnerships and emergency preparedness are some of the topics scheduled to be discussed among the industry leaders. HSNI is encouraging CIOs, CSOs and CTOs from telecommunications, utilities and transportation industries to attend the conference and expo.

Through this initiated dialogue, it is Homeland Security’s goal that the conference will strengthen infrastructure security efforts while sharing the latest available security solutions between government and industry leaders.

According to the website, “Started in 2006 to address the need for cross industry collaboration and communication between critical infrastructure industries and local, state and federal government, the Homeland Security for Networked Industries conference draws together network security professionals with a common purpose of protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure networks.”

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