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TSA Administrator John S. Pistole Outlines Goal

pistole_podiumAs the new administrator for the Transportation Security Administration, John S. Pistole last week began his tenure with the agency by announcing his top goals and priorities, including improving counterterrorism efforts, supporting the TSA workforce and boosting relationships with stakeholders and travelers.

“Achieving these priorities will take time, energy and the hard work of the men and women at TSA,” Pistole said. “But I believe they are essential to strengthening the ability of the agency to ensure the safety of the traveling public.”

To support the goals outlined, Pistole plans to visit airports and other transportation facilities to get feedback from colleagues across the transportation security community and to hear from TSA staff.

In addition, the new administrator is seeking input and feedback from the public through an online forum called “Talk to TSA.” The forum provides passengers an opportunity to send comments, suggestions and feedback.

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