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Zients to Serve as OMB Acting Director


As OMB Director Peter Orszag steps down today, it has been announced Jeffrey Zients will assume his post until the new director is confirmed.

Zients is currently OMB’s deputy director for management and the first federal chief performance officer. His post will be taken over by Rob Nabors, who is returning to OMB from his current position as senior adviser to White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Orszag, who plans to join the Council on Foreign Relations, announced his departure in late June. He is recognized for his work in shaping how the administration spent and allocated money. During his time with the Obama administration, Congress passed the most aggressive economic stimulus plan in U.S. history, as well as the healthcare reform.

President Barack Obama has nominated Jacob Lew to replace Orszag.

“Until Jack Lew is confirmed as OMB director,” Orszag wrote in his departure letter, “Jeff Zients will serve as acting director. Jeff Liebman [the current acting deputy director] has been planning to resume his teaching and research at Harvard and rejoin his family already back in Massachusetts. Rob Nabors will therefore return to OMB to take Jeff’s place as acting deputy director.”

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