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CIA Opens New Counterproliferation Center

Photo. cia.gov
Photo. cia.gov

CIA yesterday announced the creation of a counterproliferation center that will lead the agency’s efforts to detect and prevent the spread of dangerous weapons and technology.

Director Leon E. Panetta said the new center will combine operational and analytic specialists dedicated to fight the spread of dangerous weapons and technology, allowing for greater collaboration and information sharing on a top intelligence priority.

The new organization will incorporate the current counterproliferation division of the National Clandestine Service and elements of the Weapons Intelligence, Nonproliferation & Arms Control Center, which is part of the Directorate of Intelligence.

Panetta said more DI analysts will work alongside NCS officers in the center, providing “precise, comprehensive” analytical support to operations.

“As our nation continues to confront the threat of weapons of mass destruction—nuclear, chemical, and biological,” he said, “we must constantly strive for new ways to work across directorates, combining a diversity of expertise with a range of powerful capabilities to keep our nation safe. Our greatest achievements as an agency are the product of close collaboration among operations officers, analysts, targeters, technical specialists, and support officers.”

An Undercover NCS officer will head the Counterproliferation Center, with the help of deputies for operations and analysis.  Panetta explained CPC would take shape over the next several weeks.

“More important than the movement of people or desks, though, are the results we seek:  the strongest, most effective counterproliferation operations and analysis in our Agency’s history,” Panetta said.

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