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DARPA Hosts Industry Summit

Photo: nsep.gov
Photo: nsep.gov

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is hosting two one-day Industry Summits in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 29 and 30, 2010.

Chief executives from industry will gather with DARPA director, deputy director, office directors and program managers for an open dialogue to explore how the agency and the private sector can structure a relationship to address the most pressing national-security challenges. Discussion at the event will center around senior leadership topics that are not technology-specific.

DARPA leadership is looking for new ways to interact with industry and to build new collegial relationships at the senior leadership level with both nontraditional and traditional companies of various sizes and industries. The agency also wants to have a dialogue on the most difficult challenges surrounding the defense of the nation, and frame policy issues from the technical community’s perspective and actively contribute to novel solutions.

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