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FCC Chief Stresses His Support for Net Neutrality

fccFederal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski renewed his support for net neutrality during a broadband forum Tuesday at the University of Minnesota, according to Star Tribune.

With the endorsement of several Internet advocacy groups, Genachowski has backed net neutrality as a way to prevent the telephone and cable TV firms from playing favorites with Internet content or services.

“Users, not Internet service providers, need to decide what services get on the Internet,” Genachowski told the Broadband Summit. “The Internet’s open architecture encouraged investment, innovation and access to information and ideas. That’s very important, and we should continue that.”

Genachowski, however, declined to answer reporters’ questions about potential drawbacks for “net neutrality” or comment on the FCC’s April defeat in a lawsuit filed by cable company Comcast.

Google and Verizon challenged Genachowski’s net neutrality plan with a proposal calling  for enforcing net neutrality online, with the exception of wireless Internet service and or any future “differentiated online services.”

Genachowski also advocated for the expansion of broadband availability nationwide, particularly in rural areas.

“Studies show that broadband spurs economic growth and creates jobs,” the chairman said. “It helps freedom of expression, participation in government services, health care, education, public safety and small business.”

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