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FCC Seeks Public Comment on Creation of Cybersecurity Plan

Photo: MIT
Photo: MIT

The Federal Communications Commission released a notice earlier this week requesting public comment on the creation of an anticipated FCC plan that looks to address cybersecurity.

The plan, the Cybersecurity Roadmap, seeks to identify vulnerabilities to core Internet protocols and develop solutions in response to cyber threats and attacks.

The Cybersecurity Roadmap was recommended as an initial step forward in the area of cybersecurity as part of the Commission’s National Broadband Plan. Specifically, the NBP recommended the FCC issue, in coordination with the Executive Branch, a plan to address cybersecurity.

FCC looks to finalize the Cybersecurity Roadmap by November 2010.

“Cybersecurity is a vital topic for the commission because end-user lack of trust in online experiences will quell demand for broadband services, and unchecked vulnerabilities in the communications infrastructure could threaten life, safety and privacy,” stated FCC.

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