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Federal Network Security Launches Revamped Web Resource for Partners

Image: dhs.gov
Image: dhs.gov

As part of the recently held GFIRST conference, the National Cyber Security Division’s Federal Network Security branch is launching an enhanced online resource for its partners.

The new web pages on DHS.gov explain FNS’ authorities for building and executing a comprehensive approach to decreasing cybersecurity risks to Federal Executive Branch agency networks and systems.

FNS has been charged with identifying trends in cybersecurity and risk management and developing target solutions to bolster federal cybersecurity in response to specific threats. The agency also promotes cybersecurity policies, initiatives, standards and guidelines across government; and measures agency implementation of and compliance with published cybersecurity policies, standards, initiatives and directives.

The GFIRST Conference, which took place August 15-20, is the only event assembling incident responders and cybersecurity professionals to exchange information and share best practices about the most critical security issues affecting the nation’s digital infrastructure.

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