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Petraeus: Taliban Momentum Halted in Key Areas

Photo: thetension.blogspot.com
Photo: thetension.blogspot.com

Gen. David H. Petraeus, the commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, says the momentum built up by the Taliban has been reversed in the south of the country and Kabul, according to BBC.

Petraeus said it was important to destroy the safe havens of Taliban. He also said he would offer President Barack Obama his best professional advice on the wisdom of handing control to Afghan forces next July. However, it was the president’s choice whether to accept that advice, he added.

Petraeus told BBC he did not disagree the Americans had taken their eyes off the ball here in Afghanistan by invading Iraq. He also spoke about how he expects more casualties as NATO captures Taliban strongholds, a topic that made him emotional.

When asked about whether he cares about causalities, the general replied: “Absolutely.”

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