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Veterans Affairs Discloses Security, Computer Breaches on its Website

Image: online-tech-tips.com
Image: online-tech-tips.com

The Department of Veterans Affairs Department last week began posting reports on its website detailing security breaches

Employing thousands of contractors nationwide and being the world’s largest healthcare organization, VA experiences various breaches every month. However, with the exception of a few incidents every year, most of its security and data breaches are not significant, said VA Chief Information Officer Roger Baker during a press briefing last week.

Every month, VA has to notify Congress about routine and major data breaches. Members of the public can now access those reports on the VA website.

Those publicly available reports show how the most common security problem at VA is employees losing cellphones. Last month, 13 BlackBerrys were lost. In the previous month, employees lost 24 smartphones. Other security breaches include stolen, missing or lost laptops, and mishandling of personal information.

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