Federal CIO Kundra Announces Restructuring of Federal IT Project as Part of Overhaul

Vivek Kundra
Vivek Kundra

Speaking before a chief information officer meeting, federal CIO Vivek Kundra announced yesterday the restructuring of the Department of the Interior’s Incident Management Analysis and Reporting System as part of a broad overhaul of federal IT projects.

At the meeting, Kundra said going forward, the focus would be on “smaller, more targeted projects” that will both improve the IT projects and save money.

The Department of the Interior’s Incident Management Analysis and Reporting System will be restructured substantially. Operating under a new production schedule the project, which had aimed to share law enforcement and security information across the department, will be implemented in smaller pieces. Interior Department CIO Bernard Mazer said it would lead to faster completion.

The Interior Department project was part of a list of 26 federal IT projects scheduled for review.

Decisions will be made on the remaining projects by the time the 2012 budget is introduced in February, Kundra said. The Washington Post also reported that Kundra is slated to introduce a series of structural changes to address issues with federal IT projects in late October.

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