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Tom Ridge Joins TPCS Board of Directors

Photo, DHS
Photo: DHS

Tom Ridge, former secretary of homeland security and CEO of Ridge Global, has joined the board of Tamper Proof Container Systems, a Massachusetts-based security technology solutions provider.

TPCS creates secure maritime and aviation containers, pipelines and infrastructure and also works toward nuclear non-proliferation efforts.

“We are delighted to welcome Secretary Ridge to the TPCS board,” said Chairman and CEO Dr. Gilbert D. Beinhocker. “He and his expert team at Ridge Global have a deep, multidisciplined knowledge base that will enable TPCS to accelerate commercial progress in the global security market.”

Ridge Global is an international risk-assessment and security firm, which will help TPCS mitigate security threats and minimize cargo loss.

“I am pleased to join the board of TPCS,” Ridge said. “TPCS has made great inroads in the development and application of intrusion detection technologies, which are vital to meeting today’s increasingly sophisticated security challenges. Ridge Global and TPCS look forward to working together to bring these end-to-end supply chain security innovations to market.”

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