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DoD Unveils Information-Sharing Program

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Information-sharing seems to be the name of the game in intelligence these days. And, just in time, the Defense Department announced the finishing touches on a new information-sharing program that will allow soldiers in the field to more easily access information systems.

After four years of designing, developing and testing, the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Net-Centric Enterprise Services Program became fully operational late last month, the Defense Department announced.

NCESP is made up 11 different services that enable real time, secure information sharing from anywhere in the world.

“One of the greatest benefits to the warfighter is that they are able to leverage these services to obtain information to enhance their common operational picture,” said NCES Program Manager Denise Gentile.  “NCES is the information-sharing pioneer in enabling the joint net-centric vision.”

Gentile also said the program followed the “tenants of DoD’s efficiency initiatives through deploying enterprise services that eliminate redundancy and duplication across the department.”

NCES capabilities:

  • Collaboration – enables users to exchange information via any combination of text, audio, video, and graphics
  • User Access/Portal – a single point of access to NCES capabilities that provides content rich, user-defined, web-enabled access to DoD enterprise services
  • Service Discovery – enables web services and service specifications to be published, categorized, and discovered within the NCES enterprise service registry
  • Messaging – provides a high-speed message bus that enables organizations to reliably and seamlessly exchange information

Even though NCES is now fully operational, DISA Vice Component Acquisition Executive Rebecca Harris said NCES services will continue to be “modernized and relevant” for the future.

“This is not the end,” she added.

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