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Feds Learn How to Count (Data Centers)

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The Office of Management and Budget recently announced it was shuttering and consolidating federal centers throughout the country.

However, after OMB completed its reviews of the centers before the consolidation, it discovered there are nearly 1,000 more data centers than initial estimates, Data Center Knowledge reports.

The previous underestimated number of data centers was used “to drive home the need for a major data-center consolidation that will consolidate servers and drastically reduce the number of U.S. government facilities.”

And now that the number is actually higher, it underscores the need for consolidation.

But it begs the question: How were the feds off by almost 1,000?

“It’s not uncommon for consolidation-related inventories to uncover more servers and IT rooms than expected,” DCK writes by way of an explanation. And because this consolidation effort is likely the largest in history, “the disconnect between initial estimates and the final count was equally epic.”

The updated amounts were included in a memo federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra sent out detailing progress on the data-center consolidation.

The consolidation is aimed at reducing costs, increasing security and promoting green IT solutions, DCK reports. Consolidation also will begin laying the groundwork for making the switch to cloud-based computing.

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