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Information Freed at Data.gov, Now Just Needs Organization

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Federal agencies are eagerly uploading data sets to the government’s online data repository, data.gov, but now they need guidance on what to send next and how to prioritize information, according to FederalNewsRadio.com.

Next month, the General Services Administration will host a data.gov conference centered on making better use of data sets.

“It’s bringing together best practices from all over the world around how we can move the data.gov platform forward and the transparency agenda,” said Vivek Kundra, federal chief information officer, at the 2010 Executive Leadership Conference sponsored by IAC and ACT, according to Federal News Radio.

Kundra said there is a growing demand for federal data sets by private companies and other third-party developers: everything from car-seat safety ratings to Medicare information, Federal News Radio reports.

“The challenge moving forward is going to be for us to think about and parse through how do you differentiate between data sets that will actually drive economic value and innovations versus accountability versus data sets that will allow breakthroughs to happen?” Kundra said.

Often, the information from the site can be used by developers to create apps. Already, Kundra said there have been more than 200 apps created on data.gov. And use of the site has climbed to its highest levels with more than 145,000 users visiting the site each of the last three months.

Meanwhile, The Hill reports the feds recently awarded contracts to cloud vendors, including CGI Federal, to help shift data.gov from agency websites to a cloud-computing platform.

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