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Survey: IT Workers Face Gloomy Job Prospects

Photo: Melking
Photo: Melking

IT workers have increasingly turned to job hunting as pay has stagnated, bonuses have been cut, and they face an increasing work load, according to a survey by Computerworld.

Only 54 percent of IT workers said their salaries had increased from two years ago. Just 31 percent reported receiving a raise in the past year.

But John Moore, a director of enterprise software development at a manufacturing firm, told Computerworld IT workers face a hard time, not just because of the bottom line.

“It’s not about money — it’s about employee appreciation, it’s about open communications, and it’s really about ensuring that your IT staff is invested in what you are doing,” he said.

The survey also mentions the tough job market IT workers face. Increasingly, they are expected to have a set of specific qualifications before being hired. One IT professional told Computerworld companies are seeking an employee who can be both a “brain surgeon and the Porsche mechanic.”

But there is some good news, mostly for those who have enhanced their skill set with education. While advanced degrees in analytics are costly, Computerworld offers evidence that seems to suggest it can often pay off.

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