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Information Sharing Environment Fills out Staff with E-Gov Expert

Kshemendra Paul, ISE; Photo: Paul Hill, odni.gov

A new hire at the Information Sharing Environment, tasked with increasing national security information sharing, is help to fill out the relatively new agency.

Mike Howell will join the Information Sharing Environment as the agency’s deputy program manager, Federal News Radio reports.

Howell, who will leave his current position working with federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra as deputy administrator for e-government and information technology within the Office of Management and Budget, joins former OMB chief architect Kshemendra Paul at ISE.

ISE is a relatively new and arcane agency. Paul, its new manager, spoke about the agency’s mission last month at an information-sharing conference.

ISE supports “the federal, state and local, tribal and territorial agencies, and our partners internationally and in the private sector,” he said, “to protect the American people and enhance our national security through the use of information.”

ISE works across five core communities: Intelligence, defense, foreign affairs, law enforcement and homeland security.

Before becoming deputy administrator for OMB’s e-government division in September 2008, Howell also worked as the CIO for the Interior Department, the Division of  Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management.

Howell will start in his position early next month, according to Federal News Radio.

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  1. Mike Howell was the CIO of Interior, not the Dept of Labor, what other facts are not accurate in this article?

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